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Compare prices for Black Fridge Freezers

Black is a very popular colour for a fridge freezer these days - but finding the one that’s right for you is easier said than done.

That’s because there are literally dozens of stores selling black fridge freezers - but they each have only a few models and trawling around their sites for hours can be a nightmare trying to find the right one.

That’s where we come in - this site features nothing other than black freezers and we’ve rounded up many of the top models currently available for you to take a look at including traditional-style upright fridge freezers and American-style fridge freezers.

You’ll find all the leading brand names here and prices start at around £200 and rise to over £4,000.

So if you’re searching for a frost-free fridge freezer we can save you hours checking out other sites - we have hundreds to choose from at the best prices around.

Scroll down for more info about choosing a black fridge freezer.

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Black Fridge Freezers - great for all your food and drink needs

A fridge freezer literally gives you the best of both worlds - a traditional fridge in one half and a food storage freezer area in the other.

We’re convinced you won’t find a bigger or better range of black fridge freezers anywhere else online - we have hundreds of models available at great prices from many of the most reputable stores in the UK.

We’ve also included a section for graphite and grey fridge freezers for anyone who wants a shade down from black.

If you’re looking for a Samsung fridge freezer, Hotpoint fridge freezer, Whirlpool fridge freezer, Maytag fridge freezer, Electrolux fridge freezer or Zanussi fridge freezer, you’re sure to see something that appeals to you here. We also have some lovely fridge freezers by one of the top names around including Smeg and other lovely models by Beko, Lec, Siemens, LG, Beumatic, Indesit, Servis, Daewoo, Miele, Amana, Hoover, AEG, Bosch and Rangemaster.

And our fridge freezers are brought to you by some of the leading UK stores who all operate secure shopping facilities so you can buy safely from the comfort of your home - they include B&Q, Sainsburys, Tesco Direct, Pixmania Homebase, Debenhams, Homebase, Tribal UK, Marshall Ward, 24 Electric, John Lewis, Littlewoods, Argos, Amazon and Dixons.  

A fridge freezer can be quite an expensive investment but it has many great benefits over a standard fridge, not least of all by enabling you to buy food in bulk at a cheaper price which can be stored in the freezer section of the appliance and eaten over a period of time. They are also great for allowing you to bake or cook in large quantities and freeze for eating at a later date - stews, casseroles, curries, puddings, soups, stir-frys are all perfect for adding to your fridge freezer.

There are many styles of fridge freezer available these days including integrated fridge freezers, side by side, upright freezers, American style fridge freezers, chest fridge freezers and under counter fridge freezers. In fact the popularity of fridge freezers has never been greater and a fridge freezer is becoming a standard feature in the average home in the UK.

Black freezers look very elegant and classy and will match many colours schemes, unlike some of the other colour alternatives available such as blue, green and yellow which can prove restrictive if you ever choose to change your decor.

It’s important to consider your needs carefully before investing in a freezer - there’s no point paying good money for a large and expensive appliance which will be under-utilised when a cheaper, smaller frost-free fridge freezer would be more suitable.

Size and shape are factors which need to be considered carefully - a fridge freezer will need to look right in your kitchen or utility room and not dominate it. Any you also need to consider which additional features you want your black freezer to have. Some fridge freezers - the American fridge freezers in particular - often have useful ‘through door’ ice-makers and cold water dispensers built into them, which are great in the summer months.

There are plenty of other features included in many of the fridge freezers we feature including salad crispers, ice boxes and trays, safety glass shelves, wine storage rack, electronic temperature controls. door alarms, child locks, interior lights, antibacterial coating, LED displays, digital sensors, auto defrost, and reversible doors,

Also take into consideration the energy rating of any fridge freezer you are interested in - many of them come with an appealing A rating so they can help you keep you electricity bills to a minimum.

But if you want to get many years of service from your fridge freezer, it’s important that you take proper care and maintenance of it - you neglect to do this at your peril as your food will not be preserved properly and last as long as it should. And if you fail to maintain your freezer you could ultimately end up having to take it to the nearest scrap yard!

Tips and advice for keeping your fridge freezer in tip top condition

- Keep the temperature of your freezer as constant as possible to avoid the risk of spoiling your frozen food.

- Clean and defrost your fridge freezer regularly to avoid a built up of ice which will reduce its efficiency significantly.

- Check the rubber seals on your fridge freezer from time to time - if it starts to show signs of wear you may need to replace. If the seal is not fitting correctly you may need to consider adjusting the door. A badly fitting seal will have impact significantly on the efficiency of your freezer.

- Dust or vacuum the condenser coils at the back of your fridge freezer regularly to keep air circulation to a maximum.

The location of your fridge freezer is also important - if you position it where the sun can shine on it regularly or where it is near a heat source, your freezer will be forced to work harder than it needs to - and the situation is particularly undesirable for a fridge freezer which will attract the sunlight rather than reflect it. Failing to position your fridge freezer in the right location could end up hitting you harder in the pocket when your electricity bill arrives.

Ideally fridge freezers should be positioned in a dry, cool and level location. They should have ample clearance at the rear and overhead to ensure proper air circulation.

It’s also important to take into consideration the safety of young children in your home - you may need to add safety locks to your fridge freezer if the appliance doesn’t already include them. Never forget that ice can burn skin and some fridge freezers are so large it’s possible for a small child to venture inside them.

We have literally hundreds of fridge freezers in black for you to choose from so we’re confident you’ll find something that appeals to your taste - we’re in a league of our own when it comes to huge choice and great prices if you are looking for a top quality fridge freezer.